Frozen Packaging

PCI’s semi-automated frozen packaging process involves the use of specialized equipment and procedures to ensure your vial dosage forms remain at -20ºC. Essential during the packaging process and subsequent storage and distribution, it ensures efficacy and integrity.

This process is important for products such as vaccines, biological drugs, and other temperature sensitive vial products that require special handling and storage.

Benefits of Automated Solutions

The automated processes result in higher operational efficiency and lower quality and safety risks, which are a critical aspect of packaging and storing high value frozen drug products. Having a commercial solution adjacent to the clinical process simplifies the supply-chain, which is key for reducing the risk of product temperature exposure and leveraging key product and process data for process development.

With over 50 years’ experience in pharmaceutical packaging, a global network of packaging facilities and multiple centers of excellence for the packaging of specialist products, PCI is the partner of choice in providing scalable packaging services from the earliest stages of pharmaceutical development through to commercialization and beyond.

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