How Much Drug Do I Need For My Clinical Trial?

Balancing sufficient drug supply and excessive waste is not an exact science but a balance of risk and cost.

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WATCH: Learn how sponsors reduce complexity and manage their drug development challenges to optimize the supply chain, maintain flexibility and ensure the critical success of bringing highly specialized medicines to patients in need.

Biologics Development, Manufacturing & Packaging

A panel of experts from PCI Pharma Services and three Life Sciences companies discuss challenges and opportunities related to the development, clinical phases and commercialization of biologics, offering insights on how to improve sponsor-CDMO

Are you prepared for EU Clinical Trials Regulation (CTR) No 536/2014?

As the EU Clinical Trials Regulation (CTR) No 536/2014 go-live date approaches, this chat looks in more detail at some of the pros and cons of the Regulation.

Biologics packaging: Unwrapping a complex challenge

The patient’s ability to use the packaging is based on information we receive. The patient is at the centre throughout the entire design process and their ability to use the product.

Determining Shelf Life: Reading the Stability Testing Data

How can drug manufacturers utilize all this stability testing data to ensure shelf life? Anna Thabit-Jones, Stability Manager at PCI Services addresses key points around the process

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