Your world leading CDMO. pci | bridge™ overview.

Our award-winning digital supply chain management platform provides complete real-time visibility of your clinical and commercial portfolio of work at our sites globally.

Combining pristine user and customer experience it supports you from early-stage clinical trials through commercialization and beyond, and is the most intelligent, intuitive, and feature-packed platform available, developed and supported with the power of experience.

A customizable dashboard provides an intuitive overview upon launch

Real-time inventory data is displayed for each of your products or projects

Production & order management module provides detailed data of your products or projects

Distribution statuses provide visibility of open, in-process, and dispatched orders

Document sharing capability and share point facilities for each product or project

Customizable reports can be generated and exported in real-time

Supply chain alerts keep you updated with real-time supply chain data

Welcome to our digital customer platform, designed to provide you with real-time insights into your portfolio of work at our sites around the globe.

Be at the forefront of innovation with a platform built to deliver an industry leading customer experience, unlocking your productivity with access to real-time supply chain information and digital workflows. Developed to complement customer service and project management capabilities, our platform creates efficient and uncomplicated ways of working together.

As a PCI customer, experience easy accessibility to production and distribution status, open invoicing and inventory information, documentation approvals and easy reporting features right at your fingertips.

We believe that a significant opportunity exists to elevate our customers’ experience through digital transformation. Our innovative platform provides you with real-time visibility of your supply chain using cross functional workflows and data-driven insights.

Always growing and continually advancing, we support you from early-stage development through commercialization and beyond, and with 6000+ people in 30 global GMP facilities, we are always near.