Your world leading CDMO. Our ESG Journey.

We embrace our responsibility with passion and humility. Values like accountability, flexibility, and excellence inspire us as we help our customers and the public at large. We are excited to announce that we have published our inaugural ESG Report.

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Our ESG journey continues


People are at the heart of all we do. We are individuals, teams and a company committed to using ESG to fulfill our purpose of helping people lead healthy lives. ESG at PCI is the product of our employees’ thoughts, efforts, and input in real time, all the time. Every PCI employee at every PCI site is empowered to make a positive mark on the world by turning their ideas into action. We are a diverse, inclusive team working together with customers and business partners to bring life-changing therapies to patients with the purpose to impact the many local and global communities we care for and serve.


PCI sites around the globe play an important role in contributing to a common regenerative future – one in which the social and environmental needs of our interconnected communities are met. Examples of PCI’s current ESG initiatives include long-standing support for local STEM projects, annual charitable giving back initiatives, collaborations with suppliers on sustainable packaging, and reducing waste sent to our landfills, to name a few. As One PCI, we are making a collective effort to deliver strong ESG performance together for our people and the planet.


Climate science, transparency, and integrity are at the core of our ESG Governance. Our approach to climate action is aligned to credible frameworks, such as the Science Based Targets Institute and ISO14001. PCI is among the world’s largest and fastest-growing group of companies working towards a Net-Zero value chain, fighting to halve the world’s emissions by 2030. To ensure accountability and transparency, we will continue to regularly measure our impact, publicly disclose our ESG performance against our goals, and share lessons learned along our journey. 

Our ESG Timeline

From when we began in February 2021 to the present day, and where we are heading, we are committed to the journey of generations.

February 2021

Formalized the Global ESG Program, with a program manager, dedicated work team and executive sponsorship.

June 2021

Captured existing initiatives and identified nine impact categories and KPIs in alignment with SASB.

January 2022

Created ESG Maturity Index and Investor Scorecard as assessment tools.

May 2022

Established company baselines, committed to global targets, and now driving progress against our nine impact categories.

April 2023

Continuously implementing communications and marketing strategies to share our ESG efforts.

February 2024

Updating policies and programs, improving EcoVadis score, and publishing annual sustainability report every year.

Publication of the inaugural ESG Report FY23 highlighting environmental goals.

March 2024

Publication of our inaugural ESG Report (ESG Report FY23) highlighting environmental goals.


To become a sustainability leader within the pharmaceutical industry.

With over 100,000 companies assessed by EcoVadis in the past year, we are proud to have been awarded a Bronze Medal for 2023, maintaining our position amongst the top third of all companies rated for two consecutive years.

Our ESG Report FY23

We are excited to announce that we have published our first ESG Report. We have followed industry leading frameworks throughout the process to affirm the importance of transparency and disclosure in communicating our organizational social and environmental impact.

Download our ESG Report FY23