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Meeting the growing needs of our clients for their life-changing biologic drug products, we continue to invest in our manufacturing and packaging capacities and capabilities.

When it comes to optimized dosing and providing convenient and easy to use patient-centric therapies, our integrated drug manufacturing and packaging solutions support biopharma companies, globally.

Sterile Fill-Finish and Lyophilization

Our global manufacturing capabilities in complex sterile formulations and lyophilization covers a broad range of next generation injectable technologies including nanoparticles, mRNA, MABs, proteins, oligonucleotides, and other biologics across multiple advanced drug delivery formats from vials, prefilled syringes to cartridges for autoinjectors.

We provide integrated large and small molecule solutions for clinical and commercial projects, and with over 20 years in the sterile fill-finish and lyophilization manufacturing space, we are dedicated to your success in bringing life-changing therapies to patients.

Drug Device Combination Products

Driven by innovation and patient-centricity, our design and development expertise combined with our device assembly and advanced drug delivery packaging capabilities offer flexible solutions for a diverse portfolio of conventional and specialty injectable drug-device combination products.  We have the scalability to handle the dynamic volumes of biopharmaceutical therapies, whether large or small, from niche personalized medicines to large-volume treatments, tailored to your unique design, development and manufacturing needs

Injectable Packaging Services – Clinical Through Commercial

With true customer focus and flexibility at the core of our pharmaceutical packaging service offering, we are able to adapt to the unique requirements of each global market from concept to commercialization. PCI is the partner of choice in providing scalable packaging services supporting niche orphan drugs through to large scale biopharmaceuticals.


Harnessing decades of drug product development and commercialization experience, our integrated speed solutions simplify supply chains and provide innovative and value add services from the earliest stages of development through to approval, launch and beyond.

Future Investments

Meeting the growing needs of our clients for their life-changing biologic drug products, PCI continues to invest in both our manufacturing and packaging capacities and capabilities.  Over the next 12-18 months we have committed to invest over $250M to expand upon our global sterile fill-finish and lyophilization manufacturing capabilities together with our clinical and commercial advanced drug delivery packaging service offering for injectable drug-device combination products. 

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