Running Clinical Trials in Israel & Growing Beyond

Commencing phase I Clinical Trials in Israel can be started with short notice, as no licenses are needed. Phase II and III trials in Israel and globally require more planning and a longer timeline.

Trial sponsors need to:

  • Identify an appropriate clinical trial services provider
  • Work with GMP regulations
  • Understand regulatory and distribution timelines

Clinical Trial sponsors adding Israel as a phase II selection need to be aware of Israel’s requirements such as:

  • The considerations of shipping from your clinical trial services provider into Israel
  • Requirements for recertification
  • Israeli QP requirements
  • Returns and reconciliations

Download and listen discussions around the significant jump from phase I to phase II clinical trials in Israel and the clinical supply chain considerations of choosing Israel as a phase II trial location.

Download “Water Cooler Chat Session: Running Clinical Trials in Israel & Growing Beyond” (mp3)

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