Xcelodose microdosing Technology

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Traditional product development of a formulated solid oral drug for Phase I clinical trials typically involves a range of activities including initial compatibility studies, analytical method development, prototype development, short term stability, process/formulation refinement, Phase I method validation, and finally, clinical manufacture.

Xcelodose® microdosing technology removes the need for initial formulation development and the associated stability testing, enabling PCI to achieve fast times to first-in-human (FIH) studies on behalf of its clients.

The fully programmable system ensures exceptional levels of accuracy and precision whilst minimizing wastage of drug substance. We are proud to offer multiple options of microdosing technology, delivering individual
client volume requirements.

PCI has further invested in Xcelohood™ and Xceloprotect™ containment technology, further enhancing our contained solutions for the development and manufacturing of highly potent drug products.

Features of Xcelodose® Technology

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