Optimizing Your Clinical Trial to Commercialization Journey

The average cost of a delayed new drug launch is $15 million per day — which can significantly impact pharmaceutical companies, particularly small-to-midsize or biotech startups.

What if you could eliminate avoidable delays and have a seamless transition from clinical trials to commercialization when launching your new drug? How should pharma and biopharma companies think about optimizing the journey from the development stage of clinical trials through to commercialization?

A key problem contributing to launch delays is the disconnect between the clinical development and commercialization teams. Much of that disconnect is because their goals are quite different: The focus of clinical development is clinical trial success and regulatory approval; while the goal of the commercial launch team is to bring new medicines to market with an acceptable unit cost that delivers on revenue goals, while also benefitting patients.

Yet, there is an opportunity to achieve the goals of both the clinical and commercial sides when they work together for the same purpose…

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Optimizing Your Clinical to Commercial Journey (White Paper – PDF)

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