Optimizing IRT for Clinical Supply Management

IRT systems can be a double-edged sword. Set up properly, it can make your clinical supply strategy a breeze to execute. Set up improperly, it can apply additional pressure and stress to a sponsor’s resupply execution.

IRT systems are traditionally used by both Clinical Operations and Clinical Supplies departments. Both groups need to be involved in the initial specifications of the IRT system.

Optimizing IRT for Clinical Supply Management

In this white paper we will discuss how IRT systems can be optimized for clinical supply management, including:

  • What questions should be asked about the functionality of an IRT system?
  • What happens when it is discovered post-launch of the IRT that the system can’t perform a certain assumed functionality?
  • How much flexibility should an IRT system provide?
  • How can IRT systems optimize resupply by keeping drug waste down, and ensuring patients never run out of drug

Download the “Optimizing IRT for Clinical Supply Management” White Paper (pdf)

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