Discussing challenges in pharmaceutical outsourcing with Justin Schroeder and Patricia Krainski.

Pharmaceutical Technology met with Justin Schroeder and Patricia Krainski from PCI Pharma Services recently to discuss the current challenges in pharmaceutical outsourcing, and how an industry leading CDMO responds to those challenges.

Key highlights of the interview included:

  • An overview of the pharmaceutical landscape post-COVID, with logistical and capacity restraints continuing to impact supply chains, leading to the desire for CDMOs that are able to provide flexibility and continuity of supply for their clients’ products
  • An introduction to PCI’s speedsolutionsTM: a range of consultative support services which complement the core business offerings of drug development and manufacturing, global clinical supply and commercial packaging, which aim to accelerate the drug product’s speed to clinic and market launch
  • PCI’s approach to investment in capabilities, technologies and facilities, providing clients with a premium service and a global reach, without compromising a commitment to bespoke service offerings tailored to each individual project.

We are committed to supporting clients at every stage of the manufacturing cycle, delivering best-in-class services efficiently and effectively.

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