Discussing Advancements in Oncology with Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts, Chief Commercial Officer, sat down with Pharma’s Almanac’s Scientific Editor in Chief David Alvaro recently to discuss the advancements in oncology, the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the industry, and why PCI is well-positioned to be a successful company for years to come.

Topics covered include:

  • Characterization of the current landscape of small molecule APIs and biologics, including the size of each sector and the rate of acceleration in development.
  • How biologics, high potency small molecules and other modalities are really advancing the therapeutic possibilities for oncology
  • How the impacts of Covid-19 combined with other drivers have shifted private equity and investment into research and development and other aspects of healthcare
  • How much of a priority the industry is placing on things such as onshoring of manufacturing, domestic sourcing, cold-chain investments and other steps to strengthen and streamline the supply chain.
  • The shortage of fill-finish capacity in the industry and the steps that PCI has taken to overcome that limitation and help smaller scale fill-finish capabilities for Phase I and II studies, as well as the acquisition of LSNE for large scale pharma.

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