Customs Valuation for IMPs and Clinical Material in the US and Europe

WHITEPAPER: When biotech and pharma companies transport investigational medical products (IMPs) internationally, they are often required to pay import

Clinical Supply Distribution Strategy – Planning & Adapting

WHITEPAPER: A clinical distribution plan must be solid enough to begin planning activities, and flexible enough to adapt to inevitable changes. A good

Importing Clinical Supplies into China

WHITEPAPER: China’s sizeable population makes it an alluring market for pharmaceutical markets. There are many aspects that make it an attractive location to run clinical trials, as well as some challenges that we will explore in this article

EU Compassionate Use Programs – Where’s My Drug

WHITEPAPER: By its nature, EU compassionate use supply is needed urgently. This means packaging, labeling, and distribution must be executed rapidly and efficiently

Importing Clinical Supplies into Japan Requirements

WHITEPAPER: Importing clinical supplies into Japan requires a level of precision not seen anywhere else in the world. Download the whitepaper here.

European Compassionate Use Programs

WHITEPAPER: Tris Evans, Gavin Morgan, Uday Pathapati discuss what factors need to be considered from a quality, packaging and labeling, logistical and risk management perspective when planning an EU Compassionate Use Program...

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