Specialty Medicines Packaging: Keys of the Process from Clinical to Commercial Launch

WHITE PAPER: When pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies engage in new product development, there is a historical tendency to focus on the immediate needs of the clinical phase. As a result, many commercialization-related decisions...

Pharmaceutical Packaging Design for Commercial Success

VIDEO: Selecting the right partner to handle your package design can be crucial in successful commercialization. Learn how choosing PCI can be beneficial in streamlining the process, saving you time and money.

Water Cooler Chat: Clinical Trial Supplies in a Whole New World

AUDIO: 2020 has been a year that has delivered the world many challenges, the equilibrium has shifted and so many things are no longer as they should be. The Pharmaceutical Industry, like many others, has had to adjust to a “New Norm”

Customs Valuation for IMPs and Clinical Material in the US and Europe

WHITEPAPER: When biotech and pharma companies transport investigational medical products (IMPs) internationally, they are often required to pay import

Clinical Supply Distribution Strategy – Planning & Adapting

WHITEPAPER: A clinical distribution plan must be solid enough to begin planning activities, and flexible enough to adapt to inevitable changes. A good

Switching to Direct-to-Patient Rapidly in the EU

WHITEPAPER: In response to COVID-19, clinical trial sponsors are looking to site-to-patient transfers as a viable method to deliver medicines to patie

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