HPAPI Manufacturing – Choosing The Right CDMO

Safe handling of highly potent molecules is complex, and the associated regulatory requirements are growing. As a result, pharmaceutical companies recognize the importance of selecting the right partner for the development.

Biologics Development, Manufacturing & Packaging

A panel of experts from PCI Pharma Services and three Life Sciences companies discuss challenges and opportunities related to the development, clinical phases and commercialization of biologics, offering insights on how to improve sponsor-CDMO

Oncology Clinical Trials – Delivering the Full Value Chain

Oncology clinical trials are always challenging, and clinical approaches and the needs for supportive services continue to evolve.

Navigating the New EU Clinical Trial Regulation: 536/2014

The European Clinical Trial Regulation 536/2014 (CTR) will be coming into full effect in 2022, and will significantly change how companies conduct their trials.

Optimizing IRT for Clinical Supply Management

WHITEPAPER: IRT systems can be a double-edged sword. Set up properly, it can make your clinical supply strategy a breeze to execute. Set up improperly, it can apply additional pressure and stress to a sponsor’s resupply execution

Specialty Medicines Packaging: Keys of the Process from Clinical to Commercial Launch

WHITE PAPER: When pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies engage in new product development, there is a historical tendency to focus on the immediate needs of the clinical phase. As a result, many commercialization-related decisions...

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