Water Cooler Chat: Australia: Gateway to Asia-Pacific Trials

Asia Pacific is a growing destination for conducting cost-effective clinical trials – between 2007 and 2018 trials in Asia constituted around 28.5% of all registered clinical trials globally – with patient recruitment increasing faster than both Europe and North America.

The key to any successful clinical trial is having a robust, responsive and efficient supply chain process which enables consistent global supply. Australia is one of the most mature markets in the Asia-Pacific region for clinical trials, with the Australia drug sector investing more than AUD$1 billion annually into research and development and outsourcing services.
Well-regarded internationally for its world-class infrastructure Australia has a number of advantages that make it a destination of choice.

Join our experts, KoSung Lee, Andrew Castles and Rich Nelson, to find out why you should consider Australia as your Bridge to conducting successful Trials in Asia.

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Event: Water Cooler Chat: Australia: Gateway to Asia-Pacific Trials

Date: Tuesday November 10th at 18am BT/9am CT/4pm JST

Where: Water Cooler Chat Virtual Series