Panel webinar: Overcoming the clinical development and delivery challenges of oncology therapies

Discover how you can deliver the next generation of oncology therapies with peace of mind.

Join David O’Connell, Aldyth Smith and Rachel Griffiths from PCI in this webinar to learn how clinical trial sponsors can reduce complexity and manage their drug development challenges to optimize the supply chain for success, maintain clinical flexibility and ensure the highly specialized medicines are delivered to patients in need at speed.
Register for this webinar to:

  • Understand why choosing the right CDMO is key for the production of clinical trial material.
  • Learn how to overcome manufacturing challenges that can have a profound impact on a projects critical parameters, particularly lead time and cost.
  • Examine innovative and improved packaging tools to address the complexities of traditional packaging methods.
  • Overcome logistical challenges associated with storage and distribution of oncology medicines and understand the options available to safeguard supply chain custody of drug products.

To book your seat on 01 September, 2021, from 4pm CET, 10am EDT, 7am PDT please see the event website