California Regional Investigational Supplies Professionals Forum

CRISP, the California Regional Investigational Supplies Professionals virtual meeting is a four-day long forum for you to learn the latest clinical supplies information and network with like-minded professionals.

This forum promises to showcase best practices and techniques which are translatable into practice.
Register today to ensure you don’t miss out on:

  • Digesting Brexit and the Trade Agreement – Brexit Implications and QP Updates
  • Continued Update and Impact of COVID on the Clinical Supply Chain
  • VAT – Understanding Value Added Tax, How to Budget for it and How to Get it Back
  • Planning and Forecasting Using Excel

PCI are sponsoring this event, and Tristram Evans, Vice President, Global Clinical Quality will be discussing Digesting Brexit And The Trade Agreement – Brexit Implications And QP Updates on Tuesday 23 February.
PCIs’ Ginger Jones, Tina Leung, George Thibeault and Meredith Andrie will also be online to discuss Clinical Supply Chain challenges.

For more information or to register for this event, please see the event website