14th Annual Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery

We will attend the 14th annual PODD event, where the pharmaceutical, biotech and drug delivery industries will gather to assess delivery needs, share information on deals and discuss the latest trends in innovative drug delivery technologies. These include small molecules, biologics, combination products, connected devices, cell and gene delivery and more. PODD provides partnering opportunities through organized networking for new, emerging, and established collaborations.

  • 2024 Conference topics will include:
  • Ex-Liver Delivery of RNA/DNA
  • Payer Perspectives on Drug Delivery
  • Realities of Developing Self-Administration of Subcutaneous Therapeutics
  • AI Approaches to Deliver Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Improving Bioavailability and Stability Through Excipient Innovation
  • Balancing Between Concentration and Volume for Patient-Centric Biologics
  • Designing and Developing Drug Delivery for LMICs
  • New Approaches to Achieve BBB Permeability without Increasing Toxicity
  • Advances in Pulmonary Delivery of Biologics
  • Translating Digital Health from the Clinic to Commercialization
  • Vaccine Delivery Innovations
  • Achieving Oral Delivery of Peptides
  • Developing Closed Loop Systems and Companion Diagnostics
  • Sustained Release Innovations to Reduce Patient Burden
  • Focused Ultrasound Delivery for CNS
  • Biomaterial Implants to Reduce Patient Burden

Michelle D’Angelo and Justin Schroeder from PCI pharma will be available throughout the event to discuss your Biotech questions.

For more information or to register for this event, please see the event website


Event: 14th Annual Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery

Date: 28th - 29th October 2024

Where: Westin Boston Seaport

Country: USA