of generations. We are committed. We want to share our commitment with you.

We know the impact we can make socially, environmentally, sustainably, and how our ecosystem, your ecosystem, can be a sustainable system.

We want to share our aims, desires, and targets with you to show you how we purposefully impact the many local and global communities we care for and serve.

Carbon footprint & Energy Efficiency

With an unwavering promise to reduce our carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency, we are committed to purchasing 100% renewable energy and achieving a 50% reduction in energy intensity by 2030.

Waste Management

Proper waste management is essential for protecting the environment and preserving the future of our natural resources. By implementing a Global Recycling Program, we are committed to recycling 100% of recyclable waste by 2030.

Water Conservation

By implementing water-saving approaches and educating our employees about the importance of water conservation, we can protect our natural reserves. We are committed to a 50% reduction in our water intensity by 2030.

Labor & Human Rights

By ensuring that 100% of our employees, contractors, and consultants are trained on Global Labor & Human Rights Policy and Ethics & Business Conduct by the end of 2023, we will create a better working future for everyone.

Health & Safety

A robust health and safety culture begins with empowering employees. We encourage open communication, provide ongoing training, and address concerns promptly.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration, by 2030, we are committed to an inclusive leadership, workforce, gender, and ethnicity representation reflecting the diverse communities in which we live and operate.

Community Impact

We will encourage and create strategic partnerships, promote STEM education, endorse employee engagement, share community impact stories, and develop corporate giving and matching policies, driving positive change and building a brighter.

Sustainable Procurement

We choose suppliers who prioritize sustainability, products made from renewable materials, and reducing supply chain waste. We are committed to a Net-Zero Scope 3 value chain by making ethical and sustainable procurement choices by 2045.

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We understand our responsibility, we know the impact we can make, and we are committed to the following targets.

Always growing and continually advancing, we support you from early-stage development through commercialization and beyond, and with 6000+ people in 30 global GMP facilities, we are always near.