Protect your Drug Product Stability and Extend Shelf-Life with Activ-BlisterTM Solutions

Protect your Drug Product Stability and Extend Shelf-Life with Activ-Blister Solutions

Using highly-engineered active material science technology, Activ-BlisterTM can adsorb tailored amounts of water vapor, scavenge oxygen or VOCs, or provide a combination of active protection. The technology can be fitted to accommodate any tablet or capsule size and is securely bound to the lid stock using an adhesive-free heat-staking process, eliminating residual solvents that can off-gas and interact with your drug.

NEW! Rapid Start Program

Quick, Cost-Effective Solution for Determining Activ-BlisterTM Feasibility

Implementing Activ-Blister™ Solutions to protect your drug product’s stability has never been easier. Our newly launched Rapid Start Program is just one more tool to help accelerate time to market and de-risk your drug development process. With Rapid Start, we co-invest with you to provide proof of concept or R&D samples in as little as 4 weeks.

Thank you for your interest in receiving an Activ-Blister™ sample and technical literature. Please complete the form below, and you will receive your kit within one to two weeks. Please be sure to enter your address correctly and in full to ensure you receive your kit.