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Investment summary

PCI Europe is excited to announce significant investment in additional capacity and capabilities, adding to the already world-recognized US Center of Excellence for the packaging of biological products.

The strength of PCI Pharma Services lies in our ability to build capacity today for future demand, delivering time critical services on behalf of our customers and maintaining our industry-leading position.

The packaging of biologics is highly complex, often requiring very specific packaging, storage and logistics solutions. An understanding of the potential risks to the product throughout the life-cycle is critical and as a result, using an expert partner able to take a product from the early stages of clinical development through a scalable process to commercial launch can be a cost-effective way of minimizing risk whilst expediting timelines.

The Biotech Market Background and PCI’s Response

As pharmaceutical R&D investments increasingly focus on biologics, a trend set to continue, ensuring a future proof supply chain using expert partners with the experience to navigate the complex requirements of such therapies through to commercial supply is of critical importance.

PCI Pharma Services has been packaging biologics for in excess of 20 years and during this time has gained and retained an unrivalled level of detailed knowledge and expert workforce. Based on market demand, PCI was able to foresee the need for larger-scale solutions for the packaging of complex biologic therapies and as such, invested heavily in new technologies to deliver high speed, fully automated packaging solutions at commercial scale.

PCI’s first biotech Center of Excellence located at the Philadelphia site in North America became operational in 2020 and this latest investment will see two additional biotech Centers of Excellence become operational at PCI’s UK and EU facilities in 2022.

The planned European investment will enhance PCI’s capacity to process the novel drug delivery systems required for biologic products, providing end-to-end packaging solutions to meet growing market demands

Across PCI’s European sites, the automated parenteral packaging lines will deliver a combined initial capacity of over 50 million PFS units and 70 million vials per year, including fully integrated inspection for the critical to quality attributes (CQAs). Serialization and aggregation capabilities are also inbuilt as standard. The use of integrated and multi-layered Serialization technology ensures the highest standards of regulatory compliance, ultimately providing patients with safe and effective medicines. The new biotech packaging lines across our European facilities will commence operations in 2022.

Launch and Contact

The two European biotech Centers of Excellence will be fully validated and operational by Q3 2022.
If you would like to hear more about these investment plans or indeed any other aspect of PCI’s strategy moving forward, please contact us at