Clinical Packaging and what Your Clinical Study Design Reveals About Your Needs.

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As the cost and complexities of drug development increase, so do the challenges of global clinical trials. Today’s sponsors must be able to manage and coordinate multiple resources, processes, and locations with speed and accuracy to design effective and efficient clinical trials.

Securing a stable supply chain to deal with the uncertainties of clinical trials is critical. One misstep can have a profound impact not only on the cost and time of your trial but also on its overall success.

To ensure the timely delivery of the necessary supplies, a sponsor must have a strong clinical packaging strategy that takes into account the most important details of its clinical study design. These details encompass the intricacies of logistics, distribution, staffing, patient recruitment, patient adherence to therapy, and regulatory compliance. By engaging an agile partner with the ability to identify the best supply strategy for packaging and shipping your product, a sponsor can avoid costly interruptions to its clinical supply chain. A competent partner should also be able to set a reliable plan in motion that successfully manages material readiness throughout the duration of clinical testing. The goal is to be able to respond appropriately to any surprises or issues that could not only jeopardize your study but also potentially delay your product’s development and launch.

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