Water Cooler Chat Session: Cell & Gene Therapy Supply Strategies | Recorded June 11, 2020

We host a weekly virtual Water Cooler Chat series, where our subject matter experts host informal discussions around a number of clinical supply hot topics. In this edition, we are discussing Cell & Gene Therapy Supply Strategies

Planning for cell and gene therapy trials requires an understanding of the product, control of unique supply chains, access to ultra cold-chain technologies, and global reach combined with local knowledge. Come join Edward Groleau, PCI’s Director of Clinical Supply Chain for North America and our guest speaker Scott Ohanesian, QuickSTAT’s Sr. VP of Commercial Operations and Clinical Trial Logistics.

Join the team as they discuss Cell & Gene Therapy Supply Strategies, and find out more about:

  • Packaging and labeling requirements for cell and gene therapy material 
  • Distribution considerations including track and trace 
  • Ultra cold chain technologies
  • Supply chain control for autologous vs. allogeneic therapies


Listen to the audio here: Cell & Gene Therapy Supply Strategies (mp3)

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