Packaging of Solid Oral Dosage Forms – Extending the Shelf-Life with Activ-Blister Solutions

Bottles have long been the pharmaceutical industry’s solution to controlling the moisture and oxygen exposure that can cause stability issues with tablets and capsules. Our webinar focusses on the Packaging of Solid Oral Dosage forms and extending the shelf-life

For clinical trials, successful supply strategies rely largely on the ability to control stability issues associated with moisture, oxygen, and reactive impurities. The same issues are also present in the development of more potent APIs, larger molecules, and modified release profiles. Evolving dosage forms, such as chewable and disintegrating tablets, also face heightened stability challenges and problems with shelf life, requiring an innovative approach to the packaging of Solid Oral Dosage Forms.

Finding the right solution to address drug stability concerns associated with moisture, oxygen and volatile compounds is a continual challenge. As traditional packaging options can be inefficient, there is a need for new and specialized active packaging solutions to address these growing stability issues, especially during clinical trials. Additionally, repetitive package design processes and drug reformulations from stability failures are costly and can delay product launches; improved package design tools and processes are also needed.

For highly sensitive medicines that can benefit from unit dosing afforded by blister packaging, there is a new scalable solution. This webinar will present an active packaging technology (Activ-Blister™ Solutions) that will solve the moisture and oxygen challenges seen during the development of tablets and capsules. The webinar will start with an overview of the Activ-Blister™ technology and look at its applications for drugs at any phase of the development process. Stability issues for tablets and capsules such as moisture and oxygen sensitivity will be addressed, and attendees will see how custom-engineered packaging formulations can control the internal atmosphere of individual blister cavities.


Laura Zurlinden, Director of Business Development for Clinical Services, PCI Pharma Services

Laura Zurlinden has helped many pharmaceutical companies identify optimal packaging and blistering solutions for their clinical and commercial drugs. She has worked with a variety of packaging solutions including blisters, vials, pouches, autoinjectors and syringes. For the last 13 years, she has supported clients on their clinical and commercial packaging needs, helping clients to initiate clinical trials smoothly, and transition successful drugs to the commercial space. She has been instrumental in developing the PCI – Aptar relationship. Zurlinden graduated from Michigan State with a Bachelor of Science degree in packaging.

Badre Hammond, VP Commercial Operations, Aptar CSP Technologies

Badre Hammond’s background is in biochemistry and drug development with 16 years’ experience in pharmaceutical product development, packaging and drug delivery systems. He has broad experience in managing development of novel drug product programs from formulation development, through pre-clinical and CMC, all the way to market launch. As the VP of Commercial Operations for Aptar CSP Technologies, his current focus is on commercial best practices, strategy, and business development.

Tommy Genetski, Associate Director of Key Accounts, Aptar CSP Technologies

Tommy Genetski has worked for Aptar CSP Technologies for 10 years in both quality and sales. He is currently responsible for managing key accounts in North America and developing new business. A main area of Genetski’s focus is oral solid dose packaging and providing customers with solutions for extending the shelf life of particular pharmaceuticals. He was an integral part of commercializing Activ-Blister™ Solutions and continues to develop new business opportunities in this area.

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