Integrated, scalable solutions to accelerate drug products through development to commercialization and beyond

PCI is a leading global CDMO, providing integrated end-to-end drug development, manufacturing and packaging solutions to increase product speed to market and opportunities for commercial success. PCI brings the proven experience that comes with more than 90 successful product launches each year and over five decades of delivering supply chain healthcare services.

With 30 sites across Australia, Canada, North America, the UK and Europe and over 5,200 dedicated employees, our mission is to bring life-changing therapies to patients. Leading technology and continued investment enable us to deliver development to commercialization solutions throughout the product lifecycle, collaborating with our clients to improve patients’ lives globally.


PCI’s speedsolutions™, a robust consultative service, is purpose-built to offer the speed and flexibility demanded by today’s clients at every phase of the product lifecycle to accelerate drug development and supply. Through these services, PCI provides seamless and expedited solutions at critical moments in a program’s lifecycle. Irrespective of where clients enter the PCI world, they are supported with the option of an end-to-end solution both within specific phases of the product lifecycle and across their development to commercialization journey.  

Speed-solutions combine both core services expected of a CDMO with specialist in-house expertise and additional value-added services for which clients may historically have utilized additional third party vendors. Such services include package design & development, artwork services, clinical supply management, regulatory support and late stage customization to name but a few. By offering these additional services, PCI can reduce the overall complexity of vendor management for clients.

For example, PCI’s highly skilled packaging design and development experts maximize agility and efficiency in operations. They support design conceptualization at the early stages, facilitating informed decisions about material selection and driving patient-centric design and user interaction for ease of manufacturing. Expertise in environmentally friendly packaging is also a value add. Rapid prototyping and late-stage customization capabilities through cutting-edge technology provide streamlined solutions with the utmost flexibility to clients.

Another competitive differentiator for PCI is our clinical Supply Management and Readiness Team (SMART) service, designed to manage the clinical drug supply of small and midsize clients with limited resources to tackle the complexities of Phase I, II, and III clinical trials internally. SMART members embed themselves into customers’ operations and manage their entire supply chain, ordering required items, coordinating schedules of bills, shipping products to depots around the world, and getting drug product to clinical trial sites on time. 

The real value proposition of our speed-solutions offering is a single source for all aspects of a client’s drug product project, eliminating the complexities of working with multiple vendors to bring their novel therapy to market.

Driving Innovation through Strategic Investments 

PCI continues to invest and increase our capabilities and capacity in high-growth development areas such as sterile drug product development & manufacturing, combined with packaging of more patient-centric advanced drug delivery formats including prefilled syringes and autoinjectors.  We have invested significantly in both our manufacturing and packaging facilities to support our clients to deliver a seamless solution at every stage of the drug product lifecycle. 

Enhancing our global sterile fill-finish capabilities and capacities, significant investments have been made in new automated vial-filling technology. With an allocated $100 million budget, a high-speed multi-product sterile vial filling line with integrated twin lyophilizers is being added to our Bedford, New Hampshire campus.  This line utilizes full isolator technology and can fill batch sizes up to 200,000 vials, processing up to 400vpm.  This is complemented by strategic investments in gloveless, fully automated, robotic sterile-fill-finish capabilities at our San Diego, California, and Melbourne, Australia facilities supporting the aseptic filling of RTU components such as vials, syringes and cartridges for autoinjectors.

Supporting the exponential growth in client need for advanced drug delivery packaging solutions, we have invested over $100 million in our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania commercial packaging facility to increase capabilities and capacity for the biotech market with advanced drug delivery packaging of prefilled syringe assembly, autoinjector and drug-device combination products.   We have also committed to invest in building a second facility in Rockford, Illinois, at a cost of $150 million to expand our biologic packaging capabilities with additional vial, prefilled syringe and autoinjector assembly and packaging technologies.  

These strategic investments across both manufacturing and packaging, allow PCI to provide integrated end-to-end solutions, helping to reduce supply chain complexity and risk for client partners Combining expertise in sterile fill-finish manufacturing with specialist advanced drug delivery biologic packaging, labeling and cold chain distribution provides a valuable end-to-end solution, simplifying supply chains while delivering time and cost efficiencies.

Digital Transformation, Our Digital Customer Platform

PCI’s commitment and investment in digital transformation utilizes innovative technology to differentiate what we do. pci | bridge™ complements our project management capabilities by creating efficient and uncomplicated ways of working together.

Our digital platform provides industry leading customer experience, increasing productivity with access to real-time supply chain information and digital workflows through:

  • Easy access to production and distribution status
  • Open invoicing and inventory information
  • Documentation approvals 
  • Easy reporting features right at the touch of a button

No matter where clients enter the PCI world of speed-solutions, their unique journey towards commercialization will be tailored to their specific needs, allowing them to experience the ultimate in solution flexibility and complete customer-centricity with truly integrated solutions from development to commercialization.  

Integrated, scalable solutions to accelerate drug products through development to commercialization and beyond – As seen in Manufacturing Chemist | October 2023.

We are committed to supporting clients at every stage of the manufacturing cycle, delivering best-in-class services efficiently and effectively.

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