Importing Clinical Supplies into China

China’s sizeable population makes it an alluring market for pharmaceutical markets. There are many aspects that make it an attractive location to run clinical trials, as well as some challenges that we will explore in this article.

What are the benefits of running clinical trials in China?

There are three main benefits to adding China to clinical studies:

  • Massive populations in urban areas. Many of China’s cities are home to populations larger than several US states, which improves the success rate of patient recruitment. If patients drop out of a study, the likelihood of finding another patient is also higher.
  • China has a large and growing network of clinical trial sites that sponsors can select from. There is also a highly qualified population of private investigators, laboratory professionals, and project leaders.
  • Access to a genetically unique set of patients. The Han, who make up 92% of the Chinese population, are genetically homogenous. Minority ethnic groups such as the Kazakhs, Mongols, and Uyghurs show higher levels of genetic diversity than the Han.  In 2003, a study found that approximately 8% of men living in the region of former Mongolia, or 0.5% of the world population were likely genetic descendants of Genghis Khan.

With these three benefits, the upside to doing a clinical study in China is enormous – if one can overcome the challenges that managing clinical trials in China presents.

To learn about the challenges that China presents, and the country’s unique import requirements, download the article below.

Click here to read the whitepaper: Importing Clinical Supplies into China (PDF)

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