Pharma Packaging Solutions and Business Trends

Pharma packaging solutions is an active market and continues to be a steady growth industry. With the customer base expanding, more and more of the pharma industry is putting its faith in contract manufacturers and packagers.

Justin Schroeder Featured In Contract Pharma Magazine

“pharmaceutical and biotech companies are rationalizing their supply chain, looking to outsource what is not core to their business and looking for select capable partners to support their business. At the same time, he said, they are streamlining their supply base to designated providers who are best in class”

Regarding Pharma Packaging Solutions and Business Trend Drivers

“While the U.S. and European regulatory groups have pushed serialization requirements out to 2017, other emerging markets have been more forceful in bringing requirements in 2015, keeping the pressure on pharmaceutical companies to develop and implement their Track & Trace strategies. The industry is taking steps to be prepared, but significant activity is really starting to take hold”

About Growth Opportunities

“We see significant desire by customers to consolidate work with select outstanding vendors with a broad range of services,”

Meeting Customer Expectations

“Customers come to us for expertise and it is really more of a consultative relationship and true partnership. I think this is a direct result of the ongoing M&A activity and reconciliation of what is core to pharmaceutical companies. Many of the activities traditionally supported in-house are now expected to be supplied from the vendor side. It really increases the role of the supplier in the mutual success of both parties and drives a more strategic, rather than tactical, relationship”

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