Clinical Supply Distribution Strategy – Planning & Adapting

A Clinical Supply Distribution Strategy must be solid enough to begin planning activities, and flexible enough to adapt to inevitable changes.

A good distribution plan starts with a clear idea of what countries the trial will be held in so that decisions can be made regarding the sourcing of the product, country label requirements, whether a depot is required, and QP considerations as needed.

In adapting a distribution plan to real-time changes, clinical supply managers must have mitigation strategies, a good foundation on how to adapt IRTs as necessary, and whether drugs can be returned for reuse.

In this article, our expert Neil Fox, PCI’s Clinical Supply Manager, covers how to ensure your Clinical Supply Distribution Strategy is robust and the information needed is available, how to best determine your depot requirements, how to efficiently adapt to study changes, as well as how COVID may impact your distribution planning.  Learn more by downloading the white paper below.

Download the “Clinical Supply Distribution Strategy – Planning & Adapting” White Paper (pdf)

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