Brisbane Translational Research Institute Translate 2022 Conference

We’re exhibiting at the Brisbane Translational Research Institute Translate 2022 Conference taking place in Woolloongabba, Australia at the Translational Research Institute on 6th & 7th October, 2022.

Translate 2022 will bring together biomedical researchers, clinicians and the MedTech and clinical trial industries to form new connections and forge new pathways into the clinic. As such, Translate 2022 is where Southeast Queensland’s research, clinical and MedTech industries have the opportunity to intersect.

The conference program will be split into two days – one with a focus on the MedTech industry, and another focusing on clinical trials.

  • The industry-focused day will take a broad look at how clinicians and researchers can turn to industry to support research translation. It will also provide practical information and advice for MedTech start‑ups, and examine whether scientists have to choose between careers in research or industry.
  • The clinical trial-focused day will help researchers, and those in the industry to extend their knowledge and skill base, especially in investigator-initiated and early‑phase trials. It will try to form new links between clinicians, researchers and industry.

Translate 2022 will facilitate new collaborations, and help pave new career pathways, for researchers, clinicians and industry. There will be opportunities for networking during both days’ programs, including designated networking event at the end of each day. For further information click the button below.

PCI Pharma will be available to discuss how our integrated full service pharmaceutical solutions and digital technologies will support your outsourcing questions and needs

For more information or to register for this event, please see the event website


Event: Brisbane Translational Research Institute Translate 2022 Conference

Date: 06 - 07 Oct 2022

Where: TRI Auditorium & Online

Country: Australia