Science for Breakfast

Discover how SMART FHD Can lead to faster Clinical Data. 

In the pharmaceutical industry’s pursuit of faster, cost-effective drug development, the SMART FHD program stands out. It streamlines the journey from drug substance to Phase I trials in just 6 months. With tailored services covering manufacturing, packaging, stability testing, and regulatory support, SMART FHD redefines efficiency. Its promise of swift progression to market authorization marks a transformative shift, setting a new standard for innovation and accessibility.

Join us from 8:30 am for a morning of invaluable insights and networking opportunities, and hear from our speaker: Ed Groleau, Sr. Director, Clinical Supply Chain, PCI Pharma Services.

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Event: Science for Breakfast

Date: 11th June 2024

Where: Medicon Village, The Spark (1st floor)

Country: Sweden