Aseptic Fill Finish Processing

PCI offers customized aseptic fill-finish manufacturing for Phase I clinical trials in Australia.

From our dedicated and fully audited facilities in Melbourne, Australia we provide specialized sterile technologies that ensure flexibility, accuracy, and speed-to-market.

  • Aseptic/sterile fill for Phase I clinical trials
  • Full randomisation/blinding and delivery to Phase I site “ready to use”
  • Prefilled syringes and vials
  • Infusion bags and syringe pumps
  • Peptides, NCEs, biologics
  • Complex peptide formulations
  • Single use Millipore systems
  • USP sterility and endotoxin testing
  • Filter integrity testing (bubble point)
  • Continuous particulate testing
  • In process Assay, pH, Appearance
  • Grade C formulation suite
  • HEPA filtered pass throughs
  • Grade B filling suite with Grade A laminar flow
  • Dedicated microbiology personnel
  • Trained staff in aseptic processing
  • Full time environmental monitoring staff

Our dedicated team of specialists will be happy to discuss any of our Aseptic Fill and Finish processes with you. Contact us on +1 779-208-1819 (US) or +44 1495 711 222 (UK/EU) or email

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